plz RIOT look what i say

you change the prices of the skins you change everything in the game but u cant change 1 think the community you are aiming to ban the toxic players by giving chat bans perma bans high percentage of the perma bans is unfair because you dont focus on the reason why they are flaming and the reason is the trollers the player that u will take his kill and he will troll the players that will enter the game and they will feed 0/15 0/14 0/10 the players who will feed for no reason beacuse u took them a kill the players that wont help u and let u die and will watch u get killed without even trying to help you and they will bring the upcoming The Lose then that players you dont ban them you have category you have a category for intentional feeding that adorns the window but has anynone got perma ban from this category I doubt you would prefer to have 500 teams on cinematics and hollywood produces but a group to see which players are trolling and destroy the game with the same paraph for justice fix your game I love this game i have great respect on this game my target its that i want to show that the most perma bans is from 1 word the bot system suck with the same parahp for justice fix that issues
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