League Of Legends Good/Bad Players

Im not really sure why Im making this discussion, but all I want is a bit of advice and some guidance, I've only just hit lvl 30 and had my first 3 ranked matches and lost two of them simply because I was going against Silvers and Golds, pretty mental to be fair. Firstly, I wanted to know how people first coped with Ranked Anxiety when they first started ranked. And also, from my experience of League for a couple of months, I've encountered nothing but bad people that either insult you or report you for what champion you pick and what lane you go to, that confuses me greatly to the point where I'm thinking are people that play this game simply so deluded in their own morality of the game they think it's ok to go off on anyway, and automatically it's your fault? Sure I made mistakes, but I learn, and all I want right now is someone to play with me in ranked, simply because I can not stand going in there and immediately get reported for picking a champion I main or, what Items I have. I've been insulted and harassed on multiple occasions and I don't report them, because I'm an idiot. I main Vi and I either go top or mid, and I try my %%%%in hardest to help my team out any w%%%%ossible, but I get that thrown back in my face and it apparently costed the game. I get to the point where I simply shake off the idea of jumping into ranked because of the people that I'll meet. Honestly, I love this game, I love the lore, it's %%%%in brilliant mate, and I'm not perfect I get t%%%%d too, and I've learned to just mute chat and do what I'm supposed to do, but come on, where are the good people at? Hopefully, I don't get harassed for this as well. (Edit) Also, I had someone on my friendlist, who was miles higher than me, and I wanted to ask him for some tips and he literally just flat out blocked me for no reason. :/
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