Babies are your mind still there or dead long time ago? (Riot ^^)

14 day ban because playing Nunu Support with Smite is "stealing other people's roles"...?
Hello, I am Take the Draw, I'm a Nunu one trick pony. I'm almost always listed as the #1 Nunu in NA on various champion skill sites, I ended Season 4 in Challenger (rank 176), and after a 2 year break, I peaked this season at Diamond 1 75 LP.
Hello guys also especially you Riot. I dont get it i just opened board and putted the Best to find this discussion, just go in and read riot comment and see how many ppls disliked their comments. And still riot didnt change the way they rule the game, seriously what do u think are you gods ? u dont make faults ?? u bann ppls randomize im sure of it, u lose nearly like 2 million players a year each time u fk the game with ur selfish updates. If dont believe me ask ppls who played this game since season 1 or season 2 or 3 or even 6 and 7 they will tell u 100% League of legends was way better. The point of this discussion is, WHY ARE YOU KILLING YOUR GAME BY YOUR OWN WILL ? this game most be legend as the name as it was before but all what i see is legend dying slowly(so legends never die isnt right anymore). The only thing i see that you should do is at least AT LEAST listen to ppls who are worth playing it. All what i see ppls feed and afk and being toxic on purpose to get banned they get free skins, but ppls who try so hard to win the game and try so hard to not getting disconnect from ur failure coding system, and ppls who try so fking hard to carry their babies in their team they get fking banned for saying 1 bad word from their rage?? if you dont want ppls to talk dirty then dont be dirty. And also saying (Fk,Shit,WTF,Bullshit,ass,%%%.) its not consider as bad words in real word you say it to anyone as a joke to have fun with conversation. The real dirty words is when ppls wish to fk ur parents or wishing death or wishing something bad to u happen. But not every time someone say fk u or stop fking the game or %%% u bann them, this is stupid. You will see my post as toxic but believe me im saying this to save u not more, because i check everyday news from league and how ppls think and what u do and what happen. If you dont believe ask ppls what the things they like in league and what they think is bad in league and im sure 100% they are going to say more bad things hten good things. > The game right now in simply words > (STRATEGY a little, Kindness?: yeah some ppls still have heart. Skills? Season 5 to 7 is the most skilled 8 is about being lucky in ur teammates, Toxic?: the most toxic community and game in all games since the new selfish honor system has been released, Fair?: OH HELL NO, not fair not even in million years thanks to this special awesome new honor system. **I found someone honor level 4 telling someone fk ur mom and didnt get banned** i didnt talk about parents not even once and always get banned. Well i left the game since the last bann i got i guess its like a week ago, but my friend told me to tell the truth to riot and others in the board and then i find out about that old board and got even more angry about how selfish riot is. If the game didnt change then im telling riot 100% riot cares about money only not about how to make the game fun to everyone. Have a nice days ppls, especially you riot i dont know how much u will enslave ppls in the game just because (it was fun to play) but not anymore, also ppls sry to say that but its the truth u are going to get banned, when? no idea how ? no idea but u will if not now then later but u will.
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