The toxicity in this game is out of control...

I am more then sure that this is a waste of time but I need to get this of my chest. For starters I think that the report system is not working properly and nobody is actually reviewing the submitted report and its just some bot that after said number of reports "X" issues and temporary ban for said player. I have been playing this game for a very long time and wasted countless hours and lets not forget actual money, two resources that would have been used more wisely but to be honest I really enjoyed this game and to tell you the truth it helped me get over a serious drug addiction. I'm at a point where I am really thinking of quitting league and the main reason it that the people that are playing this game are awful human beings, its beyond being a condescending a^^hole, I have experienced players with full on psychotic behavior. I am starting to find the game unenjoyable just for the sole reason that people who play this game make it their life duty to take their frustration out on others, I get it that this is the internet and as long as you stay anonymous you can do and said what ever you want with no consequences but come one man have a little respect and some boundaries. To be honest I am not an angel I had my fair share of tantrums when dealing with these people and my patience ran out and I snapped, but even when I tried being nice to my teammates and enemy team wishing them a good game and good luck, I got responses like f^^^ you, I hope you die, stfu and other responses like these, and lets not forget the in game toxicity such as death threats, intentional feeding for the purpose of sabotaging the team just because there was an argument or a harsh exchange of words between two players. I can go on with examples like these and maybe write a book about league toxicity. :D I think i've said enough and hope a miracle will happen before I decide to get my account banned so I will have a really good reason to never play league again. I wish you all the best and hope the game is still fun for you guys! Have a nice day. {{sticker:katarina-love}}
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