How is the game still so toxic?

Hey Riot and everyone else, I recently started playing league of legends again after quite some time of inactivity. This was mostly because I discovered that It's pretty hopeless to be encouraging and nice to people. I've always somewhat tried to defend people that get flamed at or to tell the players that are nagging each other to just mute each other. But it often gives them (apparently) a reason to flame at me. Well this isn't new to me, i've played league for quite some time but after (I guess) ~5 years of league or so I decided to stop for some time. Well now I got back in the game, did my placement matches, went 5-5 and got placed. Well that's not really a problem, even fun I'd say, I mean, league is an awesome strategical game. I was quite happy that I didn't get placed in bronze since then I wouldn't be able to face my friends again but that doesnt matter right now. After my placements I did the thing that pretty much everyone does after getting placed: I decided to start ranking up. Except this wasn't as easy as I expected because I lost 5/6 games in a row because in 3 of them someone went afk after flaming and throwing. And in the other 2-3 it was a constant shitfest of rage. I can't understand how the game could have gotten even worse over the past few years. I'm really glad when I get a message that someone has been banned that I reported but how are there still so much flamers? It's flat out frustrating and could bring anyone to the point of tilting. Well this was my rant. Concluding this I'd like to say that I still very much enjoy league but right now I'm doubting if I even will continue playing. It doesn't matter what you do in game, someone will find a way to flame and rage at you. "Just" mute them isn't a solution since the people doing it are mostly so tilted to the point of continuously irritating you in game. Greetz, Daymage
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