This is just ridiculous now, the ban system is completely broken

So I just got a 25 game chat ban for the following: Game 1 Pre-Game Skorcher: oh wow they got some global presence In-Game Skorcher: ty Skorcher: orm dont let him know u know u are ther... Skorcher: waste his time Skorcher: it takes pressure off other lanes Skorcher: why she is easy gank Skorcher: fk Skorcher: Irelia i try help u alot in mid Skorcher: and u tell me go away Skorcher: i want to kill kata so she doesnt roam Skorcher: ur telling me dont do mid ganks, but kat is roaming Skorcher: so ur not doing well enough to tell me that Skorcher: i dont know this iralia iss telling me dont gank mid Skorcher: and kat is roaming Skorcher: i dont get it Skorcher: nah its cool she flashed ;p Skorcher: ffs Skorcher: bot when i ping back please back Skorcher: we pinged alot Skorcher: andu stayed at turret Skorcher: no reports man its fine Skorcher: just play and we win this Skorcher: stop stayign in lane Skorcher: with no hp guys Skorcher: noc donesame thing Skorcher: 4 times now Skorcher: when ur low b Skorcher: zyra Skorcher: stop please Skorcher: well shit Skorcher: yes irelia Skorcher: cos im not diving when noc is miss Skorcher: no Skorcher: you took a risk Skorcher: and messed up Skorcher: noc was miss Skorcher: you went under their turret Skorcher: what do you expect Skorcher: stop blame people and follow Skorcher: under turret 2v2 Skorcher: stop flame and focus please Skorcher: you are trying to gorce plays Skorcher: we dont need to, just relax and play Skorcher: ZYRSA Skorcher: STOP Skorcher: FEED Skorcher: PLEASE Skorcher: you are solo losing us this game Skorcher: no man just play Skorcher: why troll please just try and win Skorcher: you are negative attitude Skorcher: so why are u trying to 1v1 people when you are like 1/6 Skorcher: that is trolling dude Skorcher: just play Skorcher: stop it Skorcher: u flame all game Skorcher: u give him free kills cnostantly Skorcher: its not a lose stop with your attitude Skorcher: you Skorcher: you try fff 3 times Skorcher: u dove turret then blamed me for not going in Skorcher: my bad Skorcher: you fed them all Skorcher: i did bad then yes Skorcher: i admit it Skorcher: try admitting when you mess up Skorcher: and you might get better Skorcher: 4/6/1 Skorcher: thats negative kda Skorcher: and she had how many kilsl bot> Skorcher: so u didnt win lane Skorcher: stop talking Skorcher: and play Skorcher: you are toxic Skorcher: im trying to say stop talking and play for how long Skorcher: and u keep cry Skorcher: whatever Skorcher: no its your attitude Skorcher: blaming everyone Skorcher: trying to ff 3 times Skorcher: just stop and play Skorcher: zyra gave so many kills and then irelia just crying all game Skorcher: thats just a lie Skorcher: i said zyra please stop and play Skorcher: and spoke to no one else except you and her Skorcher: you are just flat out toxic and lying Skorcher: you told me dont gank mid for no reason @ 7 mins when your midlaner was roaming map Skorcher: you have an attitude problem Skorcher: i was on 9 game winning streak until you irelia Skorcher: was still winnable even with zyra if you just tried to win Skorcher: telliung me dont gank mid? Skorcher: trying to ff multiple times b4 they even had an inhib Skorcher: when we had a really good toplane and tanks and they just had assasins Skorcher: thats not trying to win Skorcher: dont play ranked if ur just going to have a bad 5 mins then try ff at 18 minutes Skorcher: gg wp noc Skorcher: for/ Post-Game Skorcher: irelia Skorcher: why are you calling for reports Skorcher: thats reportable in itself Skorcher: why would he want to duo with someone Skorcher: who tries ffing games at 12-18 scorelines Skorcher: you are toxic irelia Skorcher: yeah well im not going to ask people to report you Skorcher: but i did myself Skorcher: and you? Skorcher: you started inting Skorcher: i didnt flame i argue with irelia Skorcher: you int Skorcher: irelia try ff Skorcher: only me orrm and vayne try to win Game 2 In-Game Skorcher: care rengar lvl 2 gank all Skorcher: ty Skorcher: think reng drake Skorcher: KOG Skorcher: ? Skorcher: what Skorcher: ive been ganking bot and mid Skorcher: why not try and win game Skorcher: teemo ive been ganking Skorcher: i cant be everywhere man Skorcher: teemo we have better endgame Skorcher: just play for win Skorcher: teemo... Skorcher: teemo Skorcher: you are acrtually going to afk Skorcher: a 10-10 game Skorcher: when u see im ganking bot? Skorcher: and mid Skorcher: im not afk farming im trying to win game Skorcher: ive bee n ganking teemo Skorcher: i cant be wverywhere Skorcher: pelase teemo play Skorcher: i want to win Skorcher: ragequit Skorcher: cos im bad jungler Skorcher: sure Skorcher: i ganked alot Skorcher: cant be every lane Skorcher: who ragequits Skorcher: a 10-10 game Skorcher: why... Skorcher: teemo paly Skorcher: this is a win Skorcher: jesus man Skorcher: they have rengaer Skorcher: who sucks lategame Skorcher: why are people like him still playing Skorcher: needs perma Skorcher: i get 14 day ban for saying jesus Skorcher: and bot and mid are more important to win game Skorcher: teemo Skorcher: thats a fact Skorcher: bg wp Skorcher: cant do anything 4 man Skorcher: he ragequit an even game Skorcher: i cant believe it Skorcher: and the thing is he wont even get a ban because riot only look chat logs Skorcher: so why are you mad Skorcher: if you dont care Skorcher: " i dont care but im going to throw a tantrum when i lose lane" Skorcher: doesnt make much sense teemo does it Skorcher: yeah i was 1/1/4 when u ragequit Skorcher: terrible jungling Skorcher: just ff please Skorcher: thanks teemo Skorcher: tried Skorcher: he deserves perma Skorcher: intentionally griefing games Skorcher: the thing is we had this lategame Skorcher: rengar super strong early but falls off so hard Skorcher: 100% Skorcher: akali terrible in tf Skorcher: this was a win Skorcher: not you akali as a player, but the champ Skorcher: we got 2x supression Skorcher: not much but better than rengar if played well Skorcher: wrong one xD Skorcher: Sorry jax but i have now had 3 inters in 7 games Skorcher: me lux? Skorcher: im tilted man Skorcher: 3 times this has happened in 7 games Skorcher: its not fair man Post-Game Skorcher: why report me lux Skorcher: i tried to win Skorcher: i didnt flame Skorcher: what more can i do Skorcher: he ragequit because of no gank by 12 minutes Skorcher: thats insane Game 3 In-Game Skorcher: plz ward red side bush @ 1.15 Skorcher: plz wardd Skorcher: aatrox Skorcher: YY Skorcher: ty aatrox Skorcher: shaco got my red Skorcher: why did u not ward where i asked Skorcher: why u pingnig me Skorcher: iim lvl 2 Skorcher: no one warded wheere iasked Skorcher: and noww ur complainign im noot in ur lane Skorcher: well if ur jungler is vs a strong coutner junger Skorcher: no Skorcher: a simple ward Skorcher: all i asked Skorcher: shaco is strong early Skorcher: to counter him Skorcher: you ward your red or blue side entrance @ 1.10 Skorcher: thats how u counter him Skorcher: really Skorcher: cait Skorcher: u refused to leash Skorcher: no Skorcher: #im not Skorcher: but i was behind Skorcher: man this team... Skorcher: no leash at start from 1/2 botlane Skorcher: n pward for shaco Skorcher: then spamming help me Skorcher: why are u doing that Skorcher: sry no hp Skorcher: why is that hook so fast Skorcher: i didnt even see it Skorcher: cait just ignoring aatrox? Skorcher: try aatrox Skorcher: why u guys int the game man Skorcher: .... Skorcher: she is just inting ;/ Skorcher: how did i flame or troll Skorcher: we cudh ave done better than this but you didnt try to win... Skorcher: gg wp Post-Game Skorcher: wow Skorcher: he inted the game Skorcher: havent seen that for a while Skorcher: lol Skorcher: cait got ganked lvl 3 Skorcher: started flaming me So all these chats are in response to people flaming me and calling me trash. The report system is 100% broken, I only get reported by people who afk games and are toxic yet it results in suspensions? I have a 25 game chat restriction for nothing. The first game I was honoured by two teammates for actually trying to win and encourage the flamers to play, who then reported me, Our midlaner flamed the team and tried ff'ing multiple times and our botlaner started griefing, running around at 1/8/3 trying to 1v1 their carries. The second game I ganked mid and bot 3 times in 12 mins and the lanes were winning, Teemo top didn't get ganked but just lost lane and then flamed me for not ganking and afk'd, the score was even turrets and 11-11 on kills. He then reports me. The third game someone took Cait had a really bad game, I got counter jungled hard and had a bad game, Cait then proceeded to int and refuse to help (aatrox did well, at one point he was in a 1v2 and almost win and Cait stood next to him refused to help and cs'd. She then reports me. What is going on with the report system, this is clearly broken and just being abused by toxic players. It looks like my only option going forward is just to mute all, but Riot is 100% in the wrong here. If they don't want people to communicate in anyway except objectives, remove chat and add a few dozen more emote/pings, I am literally sick of not insulting people, not calling people names and getting bans or suspensions. Riot has gone completely ott and its 100% bullshit.
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