The reason I quit this game..

1. The company punishment rules. 2. The community who believes in those rules.. 3. I can't say whatever I want to some looser who thinks he can ruin, troll, cry and int and blame me because he is bad..and most importantly reports every player for being rude at him which he totally deserved. Ive got 0 symphaty for a person who demands respect and cannot earn it and cannot defend himself while having every tool given from Riot to do so and just play his game like hes supposed to. 4. Excuses - before the instant system the game was toxic too.. and it was growing 5 times if not more than now.. it was impossible for any new game to pass league at twitch. So any butthurt kids that couldnt handle flame existed then too.. but were minority just like they are now!! And if you think people stopped flaming because they care about you, youre wrong! Toxicity is still there and the players that dont flame just dont want their accounts banned. -To the people who say/think that getting banned is Riots way to tell you "we dont want you".. When did they say that? - To me it seems like Riot at some point said "here have some freedom to ruin someone's that's addicted and takes game and wins seriously so he can flame you and so we can ban him and he'll create another account to spend money on, basically kill 2 birds with 1 stone, "Ego boost(to the bad, unworthy of respect, trollers, sjw)"by giving them some happiness and some revenue action because time is money especially in gaming. Perfect logic. -Ask riot to do statistics on how many people make new accounts after getting banned and how many acrually quit. Maybe out of 100 players 10 quit.. Just please riot show us how many accounts there are with the same IP? -You the community dont deserve any respect because you worship a company who takes advantage of people online and chose to never question it.
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