Banning pre-picked champions

I'm not sure wether this is the right place to post this kind of stuff or wether it's already been acounted, but this is the first time I've ever felt the need to use the forums so I wouldn't know where to look for what. After 7 years of playing this game I got my first 14-day suspension because I got %%%%ed over for the third time in a row and snapped. This is a rant and a request, assuming posts like this ever reach the eyes of people who can actually make a change. Basically I feel like it shouldn't be possible for teammates to ban champions that another teammate has prepicked. The only thing worse than having that happen in a pre-game lobby is someone instantly saying he will feed or whatever. Sure it may happen by mistake from time to time and people who do that are often genuinly sorry about it, but it's also abused by some players who just don't want you to play that champion or just want to annoy others. Reporting this kind of behavior has never brought any results for me in my 7 years of playing League (Yes I know prepick hasn't been available from the start but I can't pinpoint the season in which it was introduced). Removing the possibility to ban your teammates picks would be good for the people who really just didn't look first and would also remove one way of trolling before the game even starts. I'm actually not sure why it was ever made possible but it can't be that hard to make it impossible, right? And to my personal case, I prepicked Irelia, not even a "troll" champion in my elo. Around 60% winrate and I was our toplaner. Our midlaner banned her purposely and continued to taunt me after I confronted him. No prior chat entries from either of us, no sign of regret, not even an "I'm sorry" - even if it would've been a lie. Sure I took the fun from his game, but he did the exact same to me for no reason at all and can just continue doing so in every game because people simply don't get punished for this type of behavior. And no, I'm not trying to justify myself, I'm simply asking for an improvement to the ranked system. {{sticker:sg-shisa}} end of rant.
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