A new system for constant surrendering (of one person) solution

Hello, so many of us had this one teammate who is a total knuckle-head and who never stops to 'drown' his teammates to the loss. After some unlucky attempts to do something useful he smashes that surrender button. Now it's okay to try to surrender one or two times, right? But it gets annoying when a person tries to surrender 5, 6 or even 7 times. Now, my friend suggested this one solution. How about giving 2 or 3 attempts to surrender per person? Which means every person, can surrender only 2 or 3 times. If a person uses all of those attempts, he cannot surrender anymore, so if he wants to surrender, he should ask his teammates (nicely). Would that be a proper solution for stopping one player from non-stop smashing surrender button or will this solution bring chaos? Is it even worth for Rito gods to try making something like this? P. s. Excuse me for terrible English.
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