Honestly about permanently system..

Ok so, basiclly I was playing on my other accounts and then I was like "oh let me login in my first account I have ever" created (knew it was permanently banned) and I read what I writed in game and I was like I dont deserve to be banned I didnt even have 3rd chat log I just had 2 I mean like its not fair to be banned this ban system needs to be fixed after getting 2 week ban if you flame a little bit you will get permanently banned instantly and thats just not fair I had skins on that account I was spending money for nothing I know your not forced to spend money but i spended money because I love this game even if you go to complain to riot games your just gonna waste ur godamn time bcs they dont give a single %%%% about you or your account I msg one guy from riot games and ofc i send him my chat logs and he said thats how it works after getting 2 week ban if you flame even a bit you will get banned thats how our system works.. Like most of the things i said in the game are nice things I say nice r warwick and they probably think Im just flaming him but no i just say nice r warwick like it was a nice ult i dont get it how is that flaming and yes in most games if someone starts argument to riot that dosent matter they will just say you could just simply mute him and report him at the end of the game i understand that but like its so hard to ignore people when they say %%%% your mother or other insults i just cant tolerate that and reporting people is so useless i have inting nunu mid with ghost i report him at the end of the game my report does nothing because you can int by picking a champion you never played before in ranked pretend to lag or other shit while just trying to tilt others and start flaming u and at the end of the game u report them and they get banned like its not fair at when i played on that account 2 years ago my englih was so bad and i couldnt explain things like i can now ofcourse now im not perfect too but its been 2 years im progressing and in the game 2 someone said fakers is korean or smth like that i tried to say it dosent matter if he is korean or not he has skill thats what is important like i dont even know why would riot put that in my chat logs its just how it works i guess, i have alot other things to say but saying those wont even matter i hope someone understands me {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} Game 1 In-Game AlenNoob: whyu pckedmy champ AlenNoob: iwanted to play zed bt thisidiot picked AlenNoob: zed sup AlenNoob: stfu AlenNoob: yes AlenNoob: evryone troll and i troll too AlenNoob: pff in draft i cant pick yas never -_- AlenNoob: nice ww AlenNoob: nice r ww AlenNoob: never gank mid again i swear AlenNoob: bad AlenNoob: af AlenNoob: u missed ur ult AlenNoob: easy skill shot and u miss it AlenNoob: gj guys AlenNoob: wp ww AlenNoob: tiled ? ;D AlenNoob: gg AlenNoob: gj ww AlenNoob: k AlenNoob: u2 AlenNoob: xd AlenNoob: go afk if u want il not rep u AlenNoob: just go afk ur useles peace of garbage ;D AlenNoob: cho? AlenNoob: np AlenNoob: justq AlenNoob: rep ww ;D AlenNoob: bronze kid AlenNoob: run kalist a xd AlenNoob: u dntknow how to kite :/ AlenNoob: tilt ? :/D AlenNoob: ahahha AlenNoob: rep ww ;D AlenNoob: me ttoo bot AlenNoob: ;D AlenNoob: 5 k gold lmao AlenNoob: guys rep ww AlenNoob: i rep u with 100 acc AlenNoob: i gift u skin if u dont feed AlenNoob: w AlenNoob: w AlenNoob: letsend AlenNoob: rep ww AlenNoob: ahri come AlenNoob: repport ww x9 pls AlenNoob: BAN AlenNoob: ;/ AlenNoob: gg wp repport ww AlenNoob: see ww we win ahha AlenNoob: we win and we repport ww gg AlenNoob: easy Game 2 In-Game AlenNoob: ofc like evrytime AlenNoob: xd AlenNoob: d AlenNoob: xd AlenNoob: korean pro :p AlenNoob: important is skill AlenNoob: np if he is korean or idk he hawe skill AlenNoob: right? AlenNoob: :p AlenNoob: see AlenNoob: example AlenNoob: this veigar AlenNoob: focused tank AlenNoob: yes AlenNoob: this was double AlenNoob: ik AlenNoob: nice AlenNoob: what hapen to me AlenNoob: im bad af AlenNoob: i asked can i midhe say noo sry.. AlenNoob: ask mid AlenNoob: 1/3 AlenNoob: never gank? AlenNoob: i have 4 gank mid 1 top AlenNoob: fck ur self AlenNoob: fck u dude AlenNoob: ok AlenNoob: if u insult me 1 more time i go troll AlenNoob: repport lee for, AlenNoob: look at mid AlenNoob: look mid AlenNoob: %%%%%% veigar AlenNoob: focus tank AlenNoob: u focused maokai AlenNoob: u could focus zed like i do AlenNoob: so dont fking talk peacue of garbage muted kid AlenNoob: ye im bad at this game AlenNoob: dude AlenNoob: dude i have 67 cs u have 200 AlenNoob: wtf how u killed him AlenNoob: wait for me AlenNoob: np AlenNoob: mb AlenNoob: garen why u recal this was triple ;d AlenNoob: fk u dude AlenNoob: i repport lulu for flame AlenNoob: me all game AlenNoob: is just fcking game u understtead ? AlenNoob: im bad ? haha AlenNoob: nice rede lulu AlenNoob: b AlenNoob: twitch kill xayah AlenNoob: idef top AlenNoob: ye regroup AlenNoob: all mid AlenNoob: focus xayah AlenNoob: focus adc and ez win
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