About under 18 players...

I think there should be a separate reform card for players who are under 18 years old ,why i consider this is the moment when the parents answer for his child behaviour and this would somehow fix the overall someone behaviour in a video game if he is under age and just throw there words thinking that them parents can't see them... Funny thingh i just had one guy who got afk , and when he come back after 10-12 minuts he called his mom "%%%%%%ed" cause he thought is cool too... , so there should be a reform card sended to the parents of those childs ,so they can do something about it and make them stop using such language in online enviroment . If i would be a parent i would really see this like a step to the online education and how all the games should work like , warning parents about them childs behaviour would be a really good ideea , and in fact would somehow prevent them to be again toxic or talk as they wish on internet... .

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