Unnecessary suspensions are given to easy

Gotten a straight 14 day suspension for saying the homophobic f word and the c vaginal word {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} so got straight suspension for that, which i feel is given to easy, I have friends who tell their teammates to "kill yourself" and says more worse homophobic and racial things than me and he gets nothing not even a chat ban. So where are the chats bans ? is that still a thing or not cause I feel that if I play good and say the wrong things why can't I get a chat ban instead of a suspension ? Is there no penalty before hand to give an indication that I am gonna be penalized ? Am I wrong for wanting to be chat banned before getting a suspension straight up ? I feel like the reporting system is really broken, people who should be banned doesn't but when I lose my shit once I'm suspended
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