STOP BEING STUBBORN. (And let yourself get carried)!

If u lose lane or go negative KDA , that's alright. And i know u must be PISSED about losing Your lane , and i know there are like 2189739812379812 reasons u can blame someone else for you losing Ur lane or going behind in the jungle. BUT for the LOVE of god, PLAY TO WIN! Play to win my friend! If your top lane or mid lane or Jungler had a very good game and is basically SCRATCHING to pull u out of the shit hole you got yourself into , don't make it SO HARD for him! Just dont ! You need to swallow your pride, listen to his calls , and do your best to help him ! That means if he tells u to pressure baron or top lane while he splits bot lane , you DONT go mid and get yourself killed for the 10th time and then automatically tell the only player on your team that's keeping you in the game that HE IS THROWING cause hes not there to 5v5 with u. Your 2/9 my friend, that does not give you the right to make calls in that game, let alone consistently not follow or even do the complete opposite of the calls of the player who's trying to carry u. And i know the reason you do this my friend, Its cause of your pride. Its the pride that makes you SO stubborn when it comes to making or braking the game. And deep inside you may even understand why someone elses call might be good, but never the less , you will still do the opposite just so you can say "he cant tell me what to do". Well guess what bud , this game is not about pride, its about wining. The moment you queue Ranked, you went into the game to CLIMB, to WIN, not to prove some worthless point to someone your gonna forget about 2 games after. And that's whats so f**d up about the human psyche , people would rather LOSE the game , and have it their way, than win the game by someone else's. ** Soz, had to let it out somewhere, this shit happens to me in D5 and Plat 1 elo, and its the worst feeling in the world to know you got the game in the bag and still lose cause of someone else's %%%%ed up sense of pride.
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