This has to stop

Todays was just a regular day in league of legends. I decided to play with one of my frieds today that recently started to play league of legends and she is lvl 20 at the moment. Untill this point we mostly played agenst bots, bivouse as i sed it's easyer for her to learn that way and less toxic people to encounter. Today we decided to go agenst people in normal 5v5 Summoner's rift map. I realised it is a bad choise from champion pick. We had 2 people premade with us Jayce and Caitlyn that called the roles and locked in champion's. when my friend picked Leona and i picked Zed they started the flame. When game started Jayce went mid and Cait bottom. My friend being new to the game went mid with Jayce. Jayce ofcourse started to flame her seying "wtf are you doing?" "Gtfo" etc. I decided to go bottom since cait was being alone agenst 2 ennamy champion's. When i went to bottom and Leona went to mid we brawled out about 1min and then Leona sed a good point. "Why do i have to go bot? Support can roam and help all lanes, not just one". Me being assasin and Cait being adc i decided to shere minions so we get gold, but Cait wasnt on the same point. Caitlyn started to spamping me and sed that i should leave the lane and go afk bicouse i'm messing her lane up. After all of that i explained them that Leona is a new player and is still learning the game. I told them that back when i started in 2009 people wasnt like this, all people learner from each other not flame them for not knowing how to play. I told them about one of my first games where i played AD Janna just bivouse i didn't know how game works and what to build. Even know they knew that Leona was a new player they still kept flameing her. Dear people of League of Legends and people that work in RIOT. The Summoner's Code chaper 8 "Leave No Newbie Behind!" "_We all started somewhere, and if we're going to do justice to the people who helped us move up the ladder, we have to start by paying homage to our roots. If you see a player having a bad game, or who clearly doesn't grasp the fundamentals of the genre, try offering some constructive advice. If you do so in a civil and friendly manner, it's likely that they will be receptive. Oftentimes they'll be downright grateful that somebody took the time to let them know how to improve instead of yelling at them. Never get frustrated by an inexperienced player's performance. At some point, you were just as green as they were, even if it was the day that you downloaded the League of Legends client. Have a little patience, and try and help the player step up to a level where both of you can enjoy the game. At the same time, don't be discouraged if they aren't receptive. Some small percentage of players will get hung up on the notion that they don't need anybody's help, and, no matter how politely you try to lend a hand, they won't want to hear it. That's no reason to give up on the rest of them!_" I think that they violated the summoner's code by doing what they did. It is really hard to show other people how mutch fun you can have playing different modes and how mutch fun it is to play with friends, but how can i show it to friends if in olmost every game we encounter people like them? I'm makeing this post to hopefully send a message out there, How can a player come to this game and get sutch a bad attitude for not knowing the game. It's like starting a 1st grade at school and be expected to know highest match. It's so so sad that people like them don't get proporly punished. I'm sorry for my bad english it is not my nativa language, but i hope that someone will get my point in this. Thenk's for your time reading this.
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