How can one justify a Smurf? How can Riot justify allowing them?

I'm actually pretty upset right now, and I hope my english is still understandable. I just got demoted to Bronze 3. That fact itself is nothing to be too upset about, but what really annoys me is WHY I got demoted. I have played for the first 2 months almost only w friends that are about high bronze to mid silver ELO. I ruined my ELO like this, so I started playing Solo-Queue Ranked, to fix this issue. After about 2 Weeks (Which is too much in my eyes, but thats another discussion), my ELO kind of normalized, and I could play, without getting totally destroyed in anything I touched. For another 2 Months, I've been playing normally. About 3/4 are normal round, but the rest are a game like this: or this: I've now had 3 Games in a row, in which we were completely annihilated from smurfs, which REALLY frustrates me. This also got me demoted, and I had literally NO CHANCE. It's not in your hands if you win, these games are decided from minute 1 and you have no influence. Why should one have the motivation to continue like this, if games are won by chance? Some points adressing "pro Smurf"-positions or "What makes Smurfs not so much of a Problem"-Stuff: **Smurfs are said to climb faster in ELO**. That is just wrong, you get the same LP as everyone else, and even if it was correct, as soon, as the player leaves the ELO he wants to smurf in, he just changes his account, and done. Unluckily, it takes still about 20 HOurs of pure Gameplay to climb from bronze 4 to silver 4. 20 Hours is a LOT, and since some games will be lost purpusefully, you can easily stay in this low-Elo for about 50-60 hours in my estimation, if you dont know how to drop Games. **Smurfs are discovered, and then play againts other smurfs** Best joke I had in a while, until I realised, the person who wrote this, meant it. This is complete bullshit. I keep getting games like the 2 screenshotted above, sometimes the Smurf is on my Team, sometimes against me. So I totally am a Smurf, sure. Smurfs do NOT play aganist smurfs, either because they are not discovered, which I suppose is so, or because.... they maybe are discovered, but still get queued up w normal players, because, who cares for the low elo (I hope is not so, but the thought crossed my mind). **Those enjoy messing up others are not higher than Silver in the most times** Do you know how much I care, in which ELO the Smurf belongs? Guessed it: NOT AN INCH. Do you think that makes it better to get destroyed by a silver or a Challenger? It is not important - same result. The best example for Riots Slowness in adapting is a series of JaySea (Some YouTuber I found in my Recommendations), doing a smurf run from Iron 4 to (maybe) Diamond. He can smurf all Day long, with the same account, the series keeps going on for months and still hes chilling in this low elo, although he completely WRECKS the opponents in 90% of the games. Adaption nowhere to be found. It really takes away the motivation, but apparently all the "very clever guys" here in the forum, dont care, or are in Plat or higher, so there is no smurfing there, because no one seems to care, what upsets Low-ELO players like me. What also is really frustrating (independent from all the stuff before), that all posts adressing this issue of smurfs are constantly getting downvoted in the forums. I find it poor, that similar posts in different-languaged forums have received 10 Downvotes and no comment. Locutus
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