A Story about a master yi that got so tiled...

i dont play much ranked and when i do i try hard but i found this yi that whatever i said he would answer with "stfu" so i picked blitz and leashed him at his gromp he started saying "OMG BLITZ LEASH ME RED!!!!!" and he was at full hp and i said no ofc and then he took the red and then when he went mid and ganked it was orianna vs zed i think so he gose in q's orianna and heres the thing zed had bin poke down and backed yi tried to solo orianna and he dies now the words that every bromze gosu wanna be uses "TEAM!!!!?!!?" this was 7 min in to the game the follow rest 20 mins he farms and farms when he got sated devourer then he said lets fight (This guy harrased the whole team during this time) at the time i was warding ememy red side of the jungle and everyone was mid and come there and i flash hook orianna and zones the rest yi thought hey there backline is open! and qs in to 4 ememys and gets droped as soon as he get out of q then he said "FUCKING RUSSIAN POLAK IDIOT TEAM CANCER TEAM I GO FEED FUCK YOU" then he feeds 13 kill to the ememy adc and gose afk at this point we are like fuckk we manged to win a fight and got inhid for it 20 minutes later yi comes back and feeds more kills and takes all my adcs farm but when he gose afk again we lost me and my duo partner report him and sent a ticket about this game later he got banned and this was long story short ofc it was so much more salt anger and some toxic waste in there but this was a fun and diapointing game atleast
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