Fake reports for lame reasons...

Can you ppl stop with the bullsh!t reports of Verbal abuse for whatever reason you don't like one of your team mates/enemy? 2 days ago i had a game with Ekko and i ended 17/0, ofc i got a lot of hate lines from the enemy team and when the game ended i just see "Your recent behavior..." like really? I said nothing the entire game except "not even close" when i got away with 10hp or so from a dive. Today i had a bad game and my only phrase was "i like ekko in the jungle, im just having a bad game" and again after the game "Your recent behavior..." wtf is wrong with some ppl. Edit: Funny thing is that you get warned because of players that dont like what you play or that you kill them but Champ select trolls get away so easy
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