Troll in champ select (plat 1 / dia 5 elo)

Troll champ select
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Hi, I know, trolls ain't fun, but if someone starts like this in a _ranked queue_ (and it was in ranked queue)? Can't we ban this player forever? If you start like this as a jungle main (and he is, I checked: he only played rengar and graves), why would you do it? The player in blue is the same player. The other blanks are someone else of the team. I didn't remove my name, cuz.. why do I need to remove my own name? This game never made it to loading screen (luckily), because one teammember decided to dodge. And I'm serious.. That guy is diamond 5. I also have the original screenshot with all the names on it. But I don't think that that player will be banned if I send a ticket.. because it never made it to loading screen or further.. [Link to picture](
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