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Got Perma banned for this: Game 1 In-Game Adoniaz: how did he not die Adoniaz: to my ignite Adoniaz: ... Adoniaz: what the %%%% dude Adoniaz: ??? Adoniaz: you %%%% up Adoniaz: twice ina row Adoniaz: and you blame me Adoniaz: troll how Adoniaz: you're a %%%%ing asshole Adoniaz: denying his abd play Adoniaz: ~ Adoniaz: i cant even farm now Adoniaz: so %%%%ing stupid Adoniaz: you're sucha %%%%ing idiot Adoniaz: %%%% this man Adoniaz: dont know Adoniaz: no gold for them Adoniaz: im not gonna play this shit game Adoniaz: ff Adoniaz: push mid Adoniaz: open Adoniaz: some asshole said no Adoniaz: let them push ffs Adoniaz: that's why you take the role yourself Adoniaz: unfortunally i got my second role Adoniaz: shut the %%%% up you %%%%%%ed child Adoniaz: you litereally come top Adoniaz: whenj im not in range Adoniaz: fail your eq Adoniaz: blow all your shit into his e Adoniaz: I HAD ALREADY FLASHED Adoniaz: AND WAS OUT OF RANGE YOU MORON Adoniaz: then you come top again to %%%%ing die again to their lee Adoniaz: you're mentally ill Adoniaz: you must be Adoniaz: just push mid Adoniaz: for %%%%s sake So a dude literally comes into my lane, ints, literally ints and reports me because i got mad and said some things, and i lose the account i sank countless hours on because this dude %%%%ed my entire game, in which the entire team complained about him, and at least one other teammates reported him. Don't get me wrong, i'm far from perfect, i'm not a nice guy at all and i do tend to be toxic when people ruin games, but jesus this is just stupid. At least im free now, thanks for reading my rant, happy games boys.
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