Don't you love playing with delusional players?

Typical game where you do your best. Win lane. Put pressure on the map. But get flamed by one or two team members for "playing bad" or doing "bad/awful plays" when they go basically 0/10 in lane. Yeah, ekko (jungler) and riven (top lane) flaming me (support) for focusing qiyana and teamfights, instead of the first monkey running into our team, like tanky braum or squishy fiddle with zhonyas. Just love it. And no, top lane didn't die a lot to qiyana as she roamed bot mostly to get our only carry (tristana) out of the game. And no, Ekko didn't carry somehow, as fiddle was godawful and just ganked bot and died every time like a fool, but he still somehow still did not do well. At first I was mad at our mid, for being godawful, but atleast he tried, and didn't blame his team or jungler. (like, mid roamed, she didn't warn sidelanes, just froze mid and recalled) But no, a lot of players in league always have to blame their team for losing! Even when they get crushed in lane by 1v1s only etc. This is why I was stuck in platinum so long. Blaming teammates. But once I started working on my own mistakes, poof, diamond in a month. But then u get these kind of players, who play dogshit and still DARE to blame their CARRIES for not playing like they want them to. Like, hello. They are carrying maybe because they don't follow stupid ideas and calls of other teammembers who are 0/10. Nah. That's impossible. They are just better than their carries in league of legends. Yeah, I almost did same damage as our top laner, as a tank support. But still, he tells me I'm garbage and he's better than me. Though, looking at his, most of his champs have a kda of 1 to 2. His best is 3. Probably just has hardstuck terrible teammates like me every game. Poor him. Hope he gets out of elo hell soon and gets challenger.
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