Are low elo players in delusion?

I mean come on someone says first time galio after the rework and someone else says first time mf. one ends the game 0-7 other 1-7. in all the game those 2 and a nasus who fed like crazy flamed and blamed one another. does league make you lose any sense of logic? or these people have something wrong with their brains??? i mean dude seriously youre first time new galio maybe juuuust maybe you dont know how to play him and you were trash in the game why you blame others..... and not that the others were better but come on at least see youre trash youre 0-7 how can you say that youre good and you lost cause of the others? look it like this you go into a game where you are the support but from the other 4 who were suppose to carry the game no one intends to carry instead just feeds and blames. i even got blmed for stealing kills when i tried to carried to win and they said no you cant do that meaning "lose because of us and do nothing about it". i really think some people should stop playing this game
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