Bullying and Afking.

I just played a game: Enemy Ekko bullies our Renekton into quitting the game and ruining it for 9 other players. First point of call, This ekko was so horrible and toxic he made our renekton feel like he couldn't play and to quit the game. I have no idea what the renekton done after he quit but he may (For all we know) started to self harm ect..ect... I think this is a very important issue that needs addressing. Mainly because what the ekko did hits every single bannable point on the whole tribunal riot flame list. I've added the ekko and I will be checking up to see if he actually gets any form of restriction, if he doesn't than the system is flawed and obviously no care is going into the LoL gamer base. Second point of call, I really do not get the line between trash talking and flame? RIOT, Yeah you..... you are promoting pro players to trash talk each other... yet when you do something like that in game or after the game its a banable toxic flame offence? then further chat restricted and ranked restricted....? Can someone please explain why this is acceptable to me please? Third point of call, why should someone be restricted from playing if they are angry and direct flame toward someone who is intentionally ruining the game for others? For example someone who is intentionally feeding or quit the game? every one will be annoyed at this. The bottom line is Riot has double standards for those who they care about and those who they do not. If you do not fit in with the people they actually care about then you will just be restricted and banned with no form of justice whatsoever. Thoughts? P.s, I'd prefer it if all the ''I'm a troll so I will trolololol you'' people would stick out of this thread, because I really feel like some of these issues should be directly addressed.
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