Make rankeds great again!

Ranked is meant to be a mode where ppl are trying to do their best, compete and so on. In fact it is NOT. There is no real punishment for doing literally NOTHING in game. People can feed, pick new champs to try, grief, or just play bad. And they all always have the reasons of "why the heck did they ruin the game". AND THIS IS NOT FUN. They ruin the game = NO PENALTY They ruin the fun = NO PENALTY While other players become the hostages of that players' incompetence and the riot's idiotic penalty system. You flame = BANNED While flaming is a simple reaction on people who bring negative in to your life. You won't peacefully watch people destroying your property or being extremely annoying for a long period of time. You WILL react and this is essential. You play to have fun - people ruin it - you react = BANNED WELL DONE RIOT! You quit the game to save your time = BANNED Smb afk after 5 min\ has 0\7 on purpose\plays annie hybrid dps = That's OK. You leave this clown fiesta - HOW DARE YOU -BANNED Thanks again RIOT! You ask RIOT to do something about those players = JOKES ON YOU, BOI Literally no comments! We can see the legendary toxic community as a result. I'm not talking about divisions\ leagues - screw them. I'm talking about people do whatever they want and THIS affects other ppl's experience. I'm on fire, truly. The system is broken and must be changed. People must get severe punishments for violating Rankeds, otherwise this is a total BullShift There are plenty of other modes, where you can do whatever you want. Bring the space, where people, who want to compete will have a chance to do this without those, who are not in to such mood. Make Rankeds Great again!
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