Ban Blog: Day 1 of 14, Ruthlesslink the toxic Mordekaiser main

Hey guys! My names Ruthlesslink, lonk, Connor, link or Ruthless whatever you feel sounds better i dont mind which :D and today i was banned for 14 days for toxicity which is true I was out of line and deserved to be punished I feel like it was a bit unfair to skip the chat restrict stage but that's Riots decision of course not mine but because of this i have decided to do a 14 day blog each day to see the effect of the ban as i am pretty curious to see if it helps me improve as a player im just curious to see how my mentality changes over the days is all :D I hope you guys keep up with it all and thanks for reading. **Who am I?** My real name is Connor but i have a bunch of names as you already know, Im from Scotland and Im 22 years old. I currently work in IT full time and dont have much time to play league as much as i used to but thats fine as i love my job honestly and wouldn't replace it for anything else im a huge gamer overall honestly I dont just play league of legends im a crazy Nintendo fan as well and honestly Smash bros has always been my number 1 competitive game but league of legends was just one of those games i was also good at and interested in playing. **Why were you banned after so long of playing?** I was banned because Recently my behavior has not been 100% and I admit to that but at the same time the things i said were not as harsh as some of the things i have seen others say like i never told anyone to die of anything i just exploded and said a few bad words in one game and that was unacceptable in Riots eyes which im not upset about because usually i would never say anything so i completely understand that as i wouldn't want anyone to explode like that on me either it wasn't consistent toxicity if you are wondering how a "toxic player" has been playing for so long with no punishes you dont need to worry about that its just because of recent events and recent behavior thats caused me to receive my first ever and well deserved punishment. **What pushed you over the edge?** A lot of things honestly some personal and some towards the game that built up and broke my mentality pretty hard. first thing is recently i went through probably the hardest break up of my life like it had such a weight on my mental state I was on anti depressants for about 2-3 months until i ended the relationship as i realized it was one of the core reasons of my depression issues which sucked because i cared for that person but there was no way of fixing what happened without it leading into chaos all over again so it was over just like that but that alone had an effect on the person i am which effected how i was ingame. the next part is game related which is as of right now this game is incredibly frustrating for a player like me because the meta just isn't in my favor what so ever, I am a Onetrick Mordekaiser main and have been maining him for 4 years with no struggles what so ever until recently with this huge meta shift in season 7 that makes it a real struggle to do anything useful with morde which sucks because im incredibly dedicated to showing what he can do but this season everything i used to be able to do just doesn't work anymore because a lot of the top tier champs right now just destroy morde in every way and that alone pisses me off and also makes me depressed because i want to be good with Morde but the state he is in right now makes it all worthless which pisses me off honestly and i took that out on the game which lead to this. **My Feelings on league as of now** ^ this question will be here every single day as to see my day by day feelings on the game As of right now i dont really care about League of Legends because its not fun to play my main champ in the state its currently in I also have a lot of other games i am currently playing and enjoying a lot more but i usually always play a game of league every two or three days just because all my friends are there and i still have that spark of dedication in Mordekaiser but each time i played i got incredibly frustrated and mad because i would always get counter picked or destroyed eventually because morde just simply doesn't work and then i would stop playing again so as of right now i see this ban as a holiday like i dont need to worry about league of legends anymore because its not there Thank you so much for reading and honestly i hope you comeback for each day as they will all be different (i hope lol) I will most likely just talk about the event that happened each day as the first day was just an introduction to the toxic person that is me haha Have fun on the Rift guys! just leave some action for me q.q two weeks is a long time after all
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