Why is that even allowed?

Hello guys . After a long way pause of league of legends ive decided to return to see how this game has been changed.. well honestly i regret my decision.. But pls tell me why is that even allowed? 0/12/2 less gold than me. Bassicly u could say that this guy was having a bad game.. So i could reply back i got 0/20/10 but it was a bad game. I dont know ... i just was silver 2 and now i demoted to silver 4 , since this guys are always the type of team i deserved. Meanwhile 6 billion company and they cant do nothing about this ("Its harder to detect") making a chat filter words for banning player Yeii btw i bet i will get downvotes by a community that "suck" this pepee player. Here is a print on what im talking: http://prntscr.com/jvw9si.
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