perma baned

what exactly is worth for a perma ban on this chat? > Game 1 Pre-Game Molens: need brains mainly In-Game Molens: lost xp................ Molens: %%% Molens: kill xin Molens: gank bot Molens: ramus has 2 kills Molens: how do u ping the vision one? Molens: yas main Molens: and this yas Molens: 1st timer Molens: on ranked no less Molens: nasus fail Molens: tristana can u fu cking play pls? Molens: tristanaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Molens: pls report this tristana Molens: pls Molens: go %%% Molens: bronzes Molens: l2p instead of crying rep Molens: kid Molens: 3 deaths becus u dont know how to play Molens: u cry Molens: %%%%%% Molens: i culd have not died 3 times but gotten 3 kills Molens: go baron now Molens: solo it Molens: i tell u she is so bad Molens: i know what to do Molens: tristana is the oproblem Molens: if gp jumped with me it was gg Molens: this team Molens: i feel gp and tristana are together Post-Game Molens: my mmr must be low to play with such scrub like tristana Molens: ffs > ?????????????????? ive had worse chats than this and not even a warnigng plus ive only recived a suspension once no other warnings and nonsense. what is this nonsense here? perma ban for being mad at someone, this is not flame. ITS A GAME for crying out loud. moreover why are you not showing all the chat? im not talking to myself here. this is totaly creating BIAS when you put it like that, no timestamps either. Unban my account! this is rediculus! and this is the 2nd account. you are the worse riot.
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