Got permanently banned for "being toxic"

So i'll say i pretty much did say words that i should not have said, but mostly im talking about how they are playing in the game in hopes they will stop playing like that after i tell them not to, but they flame me when i ask them to do something and then i talk more about things they are doing in game . Got permanently banned for this while there are people who are still playing the game even if they troll or int or just afk farm the whole game on purpose to lose. Why should not riot ban accounts for "toxicity" because that way they can keep a good number of "new players joining the game" alot and having a "high" number of players playing the game. while probably 40% or more of the accounts in the game are banned accounts but the account stays even if the player gets banned you know. But who cares about players who troll in game on purpose atleast they are not talking to their teammates who are playing bad and trying to make them stop somehow to do what they are doing bad. But i guess being quite and trolling in game to lose the game is better than just talking according to riot. But hey , atleast riot gets to keep the number of new players joining the league community high and obviously that way there will be more income for the great company because of the players who will create new accounts and buy boosts and champs and RP no matter what. good company i must say, ban players who talk with their teammates and using some abusive words because we are basically all saints who should talk nice and not say a single bad word in game or you will get banned , but you can surely troll or int or afk farm in the jungle and do nothing so the team loses 4 vs 5 and still continue playing the game as much as you want because making 4 people lose the game is better than talking. -Here's the chat in the games for which i got permanently banned. Game 1 heywtf567: fun game when the supp doesnt pick exhaust even when you assk him to heywtf567: dude ignite is good for lane okay but we need exhaust against the champs you have heywtf567: but this naut wants to pick whatever he wants heywtf567: coz who cares if jax graves or lucain deletes me heywtf567: ignite will save me heywtf567: and im sure now ignite is gonna save me from that graves heywtf567: smart supps what to do heywtf567: too smart heywtf567: specially when ahri and jax insta kills me heywtf567: ignote will be usefuiill heywtf567: bot open apparently heywtf567: enjoy heywtf567: naut left the lane why should i stay? heywtf567: he is too smart for this game heywtf567: it is lost coz of this smart naut heywtf567: dont even try to win heywtf567: wast of time heywtf567: thank god naut left bot, now i dont have to lane with a %%%%%% heywtf567: am i? heywtf567: i wonder how will you win wihtout me tho heywtf567: coz im pretty sure you will cry if i go afm famring heywtf567: im the one to be blamed btw coz naut starts trolling heywtf567: first heywtf567: and im inting heywtf567: 1/1 and im inting heywtf567: this team doesnt even know the meaninfg oif int heywtf567: its almsot loke ignite is winning us the game by reducing your damage heywtf567: janna doesnt need echaust against our team heywtf567: we need exhaust against yourts heywtf567: but these people are smart whatr to do heywtf567: funny how hemi brings up lcs after is say that we need exhaust against your team and not you agaisnt ours heywtf567: and doesnt say anything related to that heywtf567: ignite is reducing your burst damages heywtf567: when people wanna talk big and lose instead of listening heywtf567: they be farming jungle when it coiuld be a 5vs 2 fight heywtf567: or 3vs2 heywtf567: but tooooooo smart heywtf567: why am i even trying? heywtf567: these noobs didnt fight on purpose so i die heywtf567: i guess imma do what this team is doing heywtf567: they fight when im in base and now they crying heywtf567: says the team that doesnt help me on purpose so i die heywtf567: now that i say the fact that they dont h heywtf567: help me on purpose heywtf567: they say nothing and tell me to stfu instead lol heywtf567: end heywtf567: this team is too smart to win heywtf567: report me coz im the one who inted like corki heywtf567: you see gragus? heywtf567: and this team wants me to play when they dont help me on purpise so i die Game 2 heywtf567: yeah but they dont have good win rate heywtf567: i got disconnected there lol heywtf567: yeah but we'll be able to ouscale only if no one feeds and make it possivle heywtf567: gank bot heywtf567: so they cant reacall heywtf567: ward? heywtf567: we couldve gotten a big lead if vi ganked at that time heywtf567: but wjhy should a jungler listen heywtf567: now bot is behind heywtf567: i ask you to gank and you answer me back instead of coming heywtf567: gj heywtf567: gj vi heywtf567: dont gank when i tell you to, instead tell you me that you wont heywtf567: we woudlnt if your smart brain ganked when i told you to heywtf567: but nooooooooooooo heywtf567: youre just too smart to gank heywtf567: vi goes top side ung to famr heywtf567: after seeing us fight heywtf567: j4 hass a brain heywtf567: j4 sees a fight he comes bot and lkills heywtf567: vi sees a fight bot she runs top side to famr heywtf567: im sure vi will come bot only if she sees a free kill so she can get a kill heywtf567: iotherwise she will run oppsoite direction heywtf567: NOW VI IS WALKIGN BOT heywtf567: COZ THERE IS A FREE KILL heywtf567: im just saying how smart you are heywtf567: you know why we lost ? heywtf567: coz you cant liosten to someone when he says to gank heywtf567: vi gets 4/0 heywtf567: and keeps afk farming after getitng fed instead of snow balling heywtf567: coz you suck heywtf567: you are useless heywtf567: you get fed and then afk farm heywtf567: you know why>? heywtf567: ypu didnt gank when i told you to heywtf567: good throw actually heywtf567: if only vi knew how to snowball instead of afk farming after getting fed heywtf567: swain is running away instead of using any spell heywtf567: unlucky? heywtf567: lulu has ult swain hass ult i have ult but no swain runs away heywtf567: you take baron heywtf567: talk? Game 3 heywtf567: DONT feed aatrox heywtf567: play under tower dont farm but dont feed aatrox heywtf567: faslh? heywtf567: really heywtf567: surr at 15 heywtf567: look at eve heywtf567: she is walking straight top heywtf567: vi is ganking and eve is farming heywtf567: what an advantage of having invis heywtf567: you know why? heywtf567: coz vi sat and waiting to help her bot heywtf567: im afk farming like eve heywtf567: its lost anyways with this jungler heywtf567: 1/1/1 heywtf567: vi hass 7 ganks heywtf567: talk about cs? heywtf567: i wonder if it was your mom who kept poking me away from farm heywtf567: surr heywtf567: jungler that has a brain wins the game
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