A little consideration goes a long way

It seems like every single day another thread pops up of someone complaining about "trolls" and "inters" in all their games, and in most of my matches there is at least one person saying "report x for trolling". This negative mindset usually results in excessive arguments and flaming and lost matches for all. In my opinion it's all so unnecessary and pointless. Miscommunication is usually the source of the problems in LoL, and causes a lot of the rage and flame. Imagine for a moment that you were a firefighter and you had to coordinate a rescue with a load of strangers and you were only allowed to use hand signals. It would be a mess, and that is what LoL solo queue is like. I'm sure we've all had moments of miscommunication with our teammates. We've pinged and started a fight expecting our teammates to back us up, but they just ran away or stood still like lemmings. Or it's been the other way around. We've seen our teammates about to engage a bad fight, we ping them to retreat but they engage anyway. Or how about the classic scenario of winning a late-game teamfight and you have the option to either take Baron or an inhibitor. There are solid arguments for taking either objective, but more often than not the team will split, with some members going for one whilst their teammates try to take the other. Now, is a person trolling just because they have a different idea of how to win the match? Is a person trolling if they pinged you to retreat, making it clear they weren't going to help you and yet you still started the fight? Is this deserving of a ban? Speaking of bans, I see a lot of people calling for bans on people who tilt. Tilt is an unfortunate side effect of the miscommunication between teammates, and whilst it is never a Good or Acceptable thing to happen, the fact of the matter is that it does happen, to all of us. Is being tilted a cause to ban someone? Maybe, but then again if you believe that then you would have to ban pretty much the entire LoL playerbase, because everyone tilts at some point or another. If you expect others to forgive you for having a bad game or getting tilted, why can't you forgive others? What I don't understand is that some people will spend hours on the boards complaining about the in-game decisions of others and yet can't be bothered to spend 5 minutes looking at a replay of their match. In my opinion it's impossible to get an accurate, clear picture of what has happened while you are playing, as you are (or should be) more focused on your own gameplay.** So, before you post another thread about all the "trolls" ruining your matches, I strongly encourage all of you to take a little time to watch the replay first. Not only that but try to put yourself in your teammate's shoes, and you might start to understand how it felt to be them in that situation. ** A little bit of consideration and understanding can make all the difference here.
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