Perma banned for being objective???

Game 1 SutySuweren: im chall SutySuweren: ur diamond SutySuweren: you have nothing to say SutySuweren: to me SutySuweren: im perma chall and ur diamond/low masters SutySuweren: nuff said SutySuweren: gj jax SutySuweren: what SutySuweren: i couldnt r SutySuweren: what SutySuweren: we SutySuweren: go ff SutySuweren: ? SutySuweren: trynd getting smashed with fb SutySuweren: ? SutySuweren: LOL SutySuweren: HAHA SutySuweren: you had tp SutySuweren: difference SutySuweren: how SutySuweren: LOL SutySuweren: ur ded SutySuweren: cant gank ded person SutySuweren: cant save all lanes SutySuweren: better jungler lost bg SutySuweren: cause ur bard SutySuweren: ez SutySuweren: lane SutySuweren: how you want me to gank SutySuweren: them SutySuweren: LOL SutySuweren: by the way SutySuweren: i was bot SutySuweren: few times SutySuweren: if you didnt notice SutySuweren: but you lowelos SutySuweren: where im now SutySuweren: ? SutySuweren: bard SutySuweren: where im now SutySuweren: thats why i made 6 out of 7 kills SutySuweren: stay delusional SutySuweren: diamond SutySuweren: player SutySuweren: what want me to do SutySuweren: now SutySuweren: ??? SutySuweren: and? SutySuweren: my fault SutySuweren: ? SutySuweren: better laners win SutySuweren: bot and top completely destroyed SutySuweren: by superior opposition SutySuweren: diamond SutySuweren: why SutySuweren: you diamond players are disgusting sorry SutySuweren: no matter what i would play SutySuweren: id lose SutySuweren: get smart SutySuweren: 117 cs SutySuweren: ezreal SutySuweren: ? SutySuweren: bard next time SutySuweren: pick janna SutySuweren: so i can carry you SutySuweren: he still complains about no ganks SutySuweren: i was around bot several times SutySuweren: ungankable SutySuweren: and? SutySuweren: legit im getting flamed SutySuweren: apparently my fault we lost SutySuweren: im too flawless honestly you make yourself look dumb SutySuweren: flaming me XD SutySuweren: didnt gank bot XD SutySuweren: ? SutySuweren: sure bud SutySuweren: report bard SutySuweren: toxic SutySuweren: bg Game 2 SutySuweren: u ok malp? SutySuweren: ty for what SutySuweren: i played perfectly SutySuweren: open? SutySuweren: bot and top losing and mid gonna get outscaled SutySuweren: yes SutySuweren: i know SutySuweren: :) SutySuweren: to give you idea why we shouldnt waste our time on lost game SutySuweren: i already said SutySuweren: you ok SutySuweren: malphite? SutySuweren: you ok??? SutySuweren: why ur giving away this info SutySuweren: when ur not reacting to ganks SutySuweren: you want me to gank or what SutySuweren: ye gank someone useful SutySuweren: legit SutySuweren: walking SutySuweren: with tp up SutySuweren: question mark SutySuweren: he is in same elo as chall jungler SutySuweren: what SutySuweren: im perma chall SutySuweren: XDDD SutySuweren: DELUSIONAL DIAMOND PLAYER HAHAHA SutySuweren: LEGIT HARD CARRYING SutySuweren: more like what SutySuweren: im clearly better than you people SutySuweren: both summs up SutySuweren: r up SutySuweren: silver SutySuweren: 1/2/2 SutySuweren: getting hard carried SutySuweren: what SutySuweren: you think using your e was a good idea here? SutySuweren: or w SutySuweren: rather SutySuweren: and then xayah bursted it SutySuweren: im bad SutySuweren: what do you mean xayah SutySuweren: i though im doing decently SutySuweren: how come i stopm those player then SutySuweren: stomp* SutySuweren: i have higher cs count SutySuweren: as jungler SutySuweren: why would you insult player that hard carrying you SutySuweren: and doesnt really care that much about winning SutySuweren: neither his account Game 3 SutySuweren: go next better laners win SutySuweren: good back SutySuweren: you were losing mid anyways SutySuweren: and you already were forced to b SutySuweren: no it wasnt SutySuweren: u were supposed to w him instanly SutySuweren: that im chall SutySuweren: in d4 SutySuweren: wont change my coinflips SutySuweren: and let rene got demolished SutySuweren: ye thats lowelo move SutySuweren: why braum SutySuweren: roams SutySuweren: and shen wont even ult SutySuweren: confused SutySuweren: open SutySuweren: rene firs ttime SutySuweren: vs zed SutySuweren: ? SutySuweren: tell me it just came up SutySuweren: can we ff in 2 SutySuweren: next game will be better SutySuweren: you will have jungler SutySuweren: that matches SutySuweren: your low SutySuweren: elo SutySuweren: no lol SutySuweren: normie xd SutySuweren: cringe SutySuweren: ? SutySuweren: so boosted SutySuweren: he does that every time SutySuweren: u ok SutySuweren: LOL SutySuweren: d5 zed SutySuweren: report rene verbal abuse SutySuweren: ur d5 SutySuweren: ur welcome Those are logs i was permanently banned for. In all of those games i was the one getting flamed. Didnt insult anyonone, at worst i called out players that flamed me while being low diamond and called out for being delusional. This is called being objective. Telling someone he is lower rank therefore he shouldnt blame me is not negative. Bringing up statistics is not negative. I didnt stir up shit. I was being attacked. How is that perma worthy while every other game im being hard flamed / trolled. How does this system works?? The more reports you get the higher chance you get pusnished or what?? Those 3 logs are my worst behaviour and its caused by players flaming me. How is that fair?
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