How to deal with tilt?

Im relativelly new to the game and to ranked play. The issue im having is I start getting really tilted cause ive recently started getting players that dont seem to want to win, theres more forms, some dont come to objectives and teamfights and just farm, farming jungle, scuttle all the lanes available and were stuck in 4v5s constantly. Then theres the ones who after the first towers fall just start running head first into and after the first enemy they see until the enemies or them die. Its even worse if its a duo then they try to set up bush ganks in enemy jungle that is probably warded anyway (none of them carry pinks or oracles thats the supps job) and get ganked themselves and blown up. So many games are just painful. I get bad plays missed abilities bad fights etc. Its these brain afk im farming/ brain afk I see enemy I smash players that hurt my soul. then you see your lane that you bullied all game come back with 6 kills cause 2 people on your team just randomly run at the enemy. Idk how to deal with this? It makes me very bored and feel like I wasted all the time I put into the game regardless if we end up winning or losing. Has anyone figured out a way to deal with this that works for them?
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