Ranked System is the biggest pile of excrement known to man!

A system built upon leveling up, solo, but inhibited by running with a pack of morons is not a system. Up for s1 qualification with a champ on a 90% win rate and this backward demented diseased degenerate of a system pitches me with 3 airheads who don't know their harse to their elbow, lose lanes and jungle within 10 minutes, don't ff at 15 and continue to feed needlessly. Not one of them had a inch of sense to play safe, play smart or even just play. The opposition had decent players in every lane, except mine, meaning that someone how they get players with hands, fingers, a brain, eyes and mental awareness. I get people without hands or fingers, without a brain, blurred vision and kids who probably had a brick wall between them and their monitors. Rage much? Hell yes. Peesed off? Fek yes. Stop hiding behind your bank balance made off of kids and invest back into the game that holds so much potential , but that is limited by your greed. Putting a rat in a maze the size of Egypt would still produce more successful results that the bunch of plebs i had in the last game. Fix this ball of a crep infested ranked system with players that have enough sense to be able to wipe their own marses. People have been complaining for years about this, and adding a completely brain dead new level below bronze does now fix this mess. Set IQ tests, checking their parents breeding habits, use artificial intelligence games to pitch them against bots and see just how brain dead they are before letting them into ranked. DO SOMETHING!!!!!! Rage out!
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