How many times have you heard this "threat"

"your be banned" or something along those lines. Seriously I hear this shit 3 games in a row and it makes people wounder how the fuck the report system works. my 4/6/12 draven : report nami feeding look at her deaths. (namis kda 2/8/21) all me: feel free to report me for feeding. draven: your be banned. next game im {{champion:30}} top. 2/5/3 ezreal and 0/5/3 leona... want to report me... for not tp ganking enough... im sorry but If you lose to a fucking vayne and velkoz bot lane as ezreal and leona are you really worth my tping down there to try help? even if we do get a kill whats gonna happen? be worth gold again and keep feeding her. so they are bitching i dont tp gank them. "report karthus afk top" "me: ok.... sure because my ults have no impact and my laner has ignite and has not been bot once.." leona and ezreal: we will get you banned. next game malphite. 3/1/1 malphite top vs 1/2/0 alistar. wanna guess what bot said? yep didnt help their lane enough (alistar did have tp but didnt go bot a SINGLE time btw... I went once..) oh btw 5/7/5 jhin and 3/9/6 morgana losing to 5/3/18 leona and 11/4/8 vayne? how the fuck does that happen? I cant think of a harder counter to leona then morgana because her de derp fuck you cc and I think the only thing stronger vs vayne is properly cait cause jhin just gets that 4th auto shoots her then fucks off. so.. what the fuck is with this trend of saying "i/we will get you banned" Like iv heard it since season 4 but it seems to be like every game/ every other game now like wtf?
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