I'm sorry but this is not okay.

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I saw another post about this recently, and this seriously needs more attention. I just had a toplaner and jungler go a combined 7/31 in a ranked game. Now don't get me wrong, I get it, this is low elo and people do have bad games - but when our kayn repeatedly goes in knowing full well he is down on gold and items, as well as xp and the basestats that levels provide, it has to be intentionally feeding since he does not care. Same goes for our toplaner. This is simply not okay, the fact that you can do this and get away with it- I am going to submit a ticket tomorrow morning for both of them considering this game was winnable but they both chose not to make it so. And as for anyone who tells me they are just bad, I am sorry but I refuse to believe someone can play hundreds of games with a borderline 50% winrate and genuinely play like this in high gold mmr. Say what you will but I refuse to believe people are genuinely this unintelligent. Please riot, make ways to punish people who do this, and fix the matchmaking. Just because someone is smurfing, or on a winstreak, they should not get punished with uncarriable players for it.
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