Why does rank matter in interactions with players?

It's my first post, and yeah, i know, it's kinda... salty, but there's one thing that has been really bugging me recently. So, i'm in Silver since i started playing rankeds. I never bothered going trying to go up to Gold, but i've been playing normals, with few longer breakes, i admit, for quite some time, so i'm familliar with many aspect of the game, even if i have not mastered them. It seems though, that most of what i do, or what i say, is judged by my Silver rank, usually with added insults. Why does it matter so much? Why do so many players refuse to interact with me in a constructive manner because i'm just a lowly Silver? Why do i have to go and play rankeds, which i don't really enjoy doing, for people to start talking with me in a non-toxic manner? Anyway, sorry for this shitpost, but i just wanted to voice my confusion over that behaviour.
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