May I ask why i got a chat restriction for this? I don't understand. I wasn't really that toxic, got very annoyed because ezreal kept falming so hard. Sad we don't have his texts. Game 1 In-Game legendsmees: pfff legendsmees: report me for what? legendsmees: im not afk and im not inting legendsmees: i pinged 1000 times lb was coming legendsmees: i roamed top but jax pushed them the totally oppesite way then where i came from legendsmees: i cna tell u legendsmees: im doing nothing wrong legendsmees: the only one who is reportable now is u for flmaing legendsmees: yeha, only one of my 2 deads is to lb legendsmees: so its u who doesnt listen to ss who int legendsmees: listen for one god dmna time legendsmees: i ss 10000 times legendsmees: report ezreal, he keeps fl,aing me while i ping 10000 times lb is coming bot legendsmees: if oyu fking refuse to listen dont blame me legendsmees: report me for what? legendsmees: im not trolling im having a bad game legendsmees: ezreal, u got more deaths then us legendsmees: report ezreal keeps being toxic legendsmees: reprot brand too, ezreal and brand are continuasly flaming legendsmees: he has wards Post-Game legendsmees: everyone is flmaing but i had a bad game, i went 1/2/1 till minute 17 but then u guys started all hard flame me, it annoyed me so badly that i started to play wrse and worse bcs u lost my concentratio legendsmees: just dont flame legendsmees: you get the report, you are most toxic player ever
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