I want to update people on a 10 game chat ban i got, and what i just had to endure.

So there's a thread a little bit down detailing a 10 game chat ban due to the aggressive use in which i used the term 'trash' to describe players. I have since passed my 10 game chat ban, and this... was my 11th game. ----- I do not have the chat recorded due to obvious reasons, however seeing as i don't, or better yet, CANT respond to bullying on this game, i had to break my fingers and watch some of the most horrific attitude been thrown at me, whilst i have to reflect on the idea that i just got off a ban for nothing compared to this. Some of my favorite lines - (these is all from the same person and in all chat) Report this child for inting and existing Report riot for alloying this system to place me with disables You should have been euthanized This is what Chernobyl has given us Braindead people (kids?) should not be allowed on my team Others include - both teams generally chatting about Chernobyl and the holocaust doing justice to the world Bot duo telling the enemy top he should learn how to build items before he continues breathing and the typical hard spam of 'report' 'inting' 'banned' 'cancer' ---- So i come from my 10 games of a mute for calling someone trash, and get greeted by this... Which puts me in the ironic space of reporting them. If i don't get that little message saying something has been done... Well... All my experiences of bad attitude recently has come from me jungerling. Frankly with the hard changes every year to the role, it makes us stuck in a spot of permanently being a target for this level of abuse... And we in kind get so demotivated and angry.. I'm actually upset.
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