Negative Attitude - Griefing, Giving Up

Hello everyone. It has recently come to my attention that some of the descriptions in the 'report' window have been changed. Maybe it has to do with the new client, I'm not sure. Anyway, the first report option is "Negative Attitude". The description of it states: Griefing, Giving Up Griefing is self explanatory, and doesn't need to be discussed in my opinion. But **_Giving Up_** on the other hand, triggers me. Is giving up really a bannable offense nowadays? I've been playing since 2010 or so and I just came back. I've never seen someothing like this in my entire life. I'm sure that this can be discussed endlessly, but I want to get it straight for myself. The moment you're typing /ff in all chat, you basically gave up. Same for the people who vote yes; otherwise they wouldn't have voted yes. In some matches, one of my team members disconnects at the start (and never comes back) or someone simply ragequits before the 15 minute mark. In cases like those I am very tempted to say: "Eh guys, let's just surrender at 20... It's no use to continue playing." But Riot thinks it's wrong when I say this. Otherwise there wouldn't be a report option for it, right? Heck, sometimes I don't even have leavers but the score at 10 minutes is already 16-1. Am I then not allowed to ask my team to surrender at 20? What are the boundaries? Where is the line? I understand that dancing at base until you can surrender is a form of giving up, but that's more a case of leaving the game/afk. I'm really curious about your opinions.
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