My general expirience with preseason in s10

Hi, my name is Šilex, and i am hardstuck G4 jg/mid player and i wanted to give some general opinion about this preseason. Here are few things that i will talk about: -Teammates with no game knowlege -Toxic players -And of course griefing First things first, everyone will say: "Oh, ur just a stupid g4 u don't have rights to talk about this", yes i am g4 thats hardstuck and i know that everyone that playes league is going throught same stuff as everyone. Teammates with no game knowlege.This is too often because of elo boosting or buying accounts, i mean i had a top lane player with good stats and everything but he was playing like he just started playing league, or jungler that doesn't know how to contest a drake or herald.I mean there are players that don't know but cmon, u are in gold and u are playing like a bot. Toxic players, the most common thing that happeds to everyone i won't explain it. :) And last, but not the least is griefing.So, someone probably thinks on inting, or someone thinks about getting 0 help.I mean on both, griefing is just too often, lets say in every ten games at least 3 there is one griefer on my team, either they go inting or in my case the griefer is jg and he watches me die and then he runs into enemy laner and dies.I mean i am trying to stay calm but this is just too much. If you think that i am wrong, say it, i won't mind.
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