Never Blame The Support

Hello all. I am a main support, playing champions like Morgana, Thresh, Braum, Bard, that sort of thing. I've played enough games now to realise that not only does no one really want to play support as much as the other roles, but that the support is blamed for almost every mistake. This includes vision (even though you have placed as many wards as you can), dealing with minions on the nexus turrets even though supports don't really have much damage, and apparently 'stealing' a kill even though your teammate has been dead for some time. As much as I enjoy playing support, though occasionally dabble in top and mid for fun, it seems that Riot has more focus on the so-called playmaking roles (top, mid, adc and jungle). We are delegated to vision and clearing wards; we are blamed when our aggressive adcarries are killed; we build no damage and by the end game have only two meaningful abilities, and once they are used, that's all we can. The less players blame supports, and appreciate the damn hard job we do to keep you alive in lane (for the most part), the better.
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