Why do you have the authority?

Since the "Permanent ban shouldn't exist" post getting so much backlash I just wanted to know what gives Riot the authority to decide how an individual is suppose to play a video game more so what gives them the authority to punish or in worst cases take away someone's favourite video game from them. It doesn't make any sense. Now I know before you start playing the game you have to read summoner's code and there it's specified that individual not following it would get specified punishments. But what kind of punishment is it to just take away someone's favourite game. I understand punishments are necessary but this dog turd community you can just legit ban president of a given country and they will still say the ban is fair. In other words they support banning with no context at all. Legit all my time on this board not even a single time I've seen someone against banning even when the ban is completely unfair. Now even if you are the only one who has the right to grant punishment to individual there is no system to where you justify the ban ever. There is literally nothing. And then the worst part Riot and this whole community thinks that a player can keep his calm in the worst of the condition. How the "F" you expect players to not be toxic in a toxic environment. I reported this guy I got banned for flaming him. Look at his OPGG. _****_ . Please look at this I legit got banned for telling him that his birth the worst event in human history. Is that even a flame. And community supports this. Bunch of kittens playing this game. Delusional trash. How are you supporting this. Permanent ban don't make you less toxic. Personal experience man. At best it teaches you to mute all. That's it it's an inefficient system. And before you all spam in comment that permanent ban remove toxicity. The system should not be removing players from the goddamn game. They should helping them to improve. Punishments should not be there to remove players. Unacceptable.

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