Dear community, try to be a bit more tolerant

First of all sorry for the weird title but it has to be said. People are talking about the league community being so toxic, and while I do agree that there are a lot of toxic players out there i also believe that a big part of the players is so easily offended by about anything. When a teammate tells you or asks you to buy a certain item because they think it would be good versus the enemy team or when they try to give you some advice on how to play or how not to play they get insulted immediately things like: Shut up r**tard, GFY, .... Sometimes they (well I do) use certain swear words in a sentence. For example if I say "Focus the f*cking ADC" that's not flaming, that's me trying to make a point. It just happens so often. Play safer, ask them why they're not with the team, ... and immediately they're like "STFU I REPORT YOU FLAMER". And since a couple of months there appears to be a new trend in games (new for me at least). When someone is actually toxic and they're team points this out in chat or gives them a warning to stop flaming they immediately go into allchat and start lying to the enemy team about their team being toxic. I know that riot or the banbot analyzes chat before actually banning someone. But it is just so pathetic to see people lie over such a stupid thing. My point is that in the end if everyone has a thicker skin and isn't so touchy about every little thing being said to them the games would be way more fun to play. Yes there are real toxic players, but most players are just trying to win a game of league and are actually good guys that try to help you in improving your gameplay.
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