Are we a community or not?

Really disappointed in the community recently. I intend to climb the ranked ladder from the 23rd but until then, I've been trying to enjoy casual games with my friend, and my girlfriend. We're not that good, we really only play for fun, and because of that we are abused incessantly by players who believe normal draft pick games are equally as important as Worlds. I really don't understand it. Why the animosity? Yesterday, I was picked out in the enemy jungle - but only after a really ridiculous chase ensued, it involved flashes, blast cones, invisibility, side steps, blinds, and went on for so long it was hilarious. I ended up dying, but I had a laugh. I immediately commended the enemy team on a fun chase. Their response... 'Cry more', 'Neckbeard' And from there it continued - my attempt at a verbal exchange, even a positive one with the enemy, resulted in a continuous flurry of insults until the game closed out - followed by 'EZZZZZZ NOOOOOBS'. Players took what could have been a fun exchange between several members of a community, and turned it into a verbal exchange of toxicity and aggression. Needless to say, my friend has no interest in the game anymore. He is new to it and the abuse he gets every game for trying out new champs/strategies has taken away all the fun he might have had. My girlfriend now mutes everyone after an experience she had where someone flamed her brutally before finding out she was a girl - then suddenly he wanted to be her best friend. Truthfully, there are countless posts on the boards complaining about Riot and calling out flaws in the game - but one of the biggest issues is us, and Riot can't fix that - no bans/honor rewards will work. Something needs to change and if it's not the way we as a community treat each other, then for me at least - it'll be the community altogether.
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