Permanetly banned

Hey why i am Permanetly banned on my account?, my cousin played my account for 3 months now and i came back and see my account got perm banned i really didnt played my acount for like 3 months cuz my cousin playing it and now i get back and see my account got permanetly banned, My cousin said that i got permanetly banned because he talk shit in the chat... i am very sorry for my cousin discrespectful words plays in your game, i wont ever play my cousin on my account again cuz i dont want to get banned because of him.. i want my account unbanned i love playing league of legends. I really got **mad ** when my cousin told me that i go permanetly banned, i hope you guys understand my apologies, i really like playing league of legends, i dont want to creat another account cuz my cousin made my account banned home you guys understand. Thank you

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