What happend with this game you write something you get banned?

So i have a game when one SPECIAL PLAYER decided to ban my champ ELISE for no reason and i asked why he banned he said I DONT CARE. This really pissed me . I said to enemy pls report malphite for trolling and you know what they said maybe elise is not good jungler thats why he banned your champ. LIKE ARE YOU KIDDING ME MAN. POEPLE DEFENDING TROLLS AND THIS JUST MADE ME REALLY MAD I STARTED FLAME MALPHITE OFC. How sick sad person can be someone to troll lie and do things like this like what you get for doing this? After the game ofc i got report for being "TOXIC" 14 days ban. And the malphite you know what he is still playing.Sorry for my bad english . But this game has zero logic and so unjustice sometimes in your team you just get freaks who deserve the flame and toxicity you can report people for that.
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