Do people realize what "Intentional feeding" means?

As good as every game I encounter some dirtbag (pardon for the swear) that starts that typical line: "RHEPHORT FHOR PHEED" "Yeah but...did he "pheed" intentionally?" I ask. AND there is no response. Next teamfight: "RHEPORT THAT %%%T FOR PHEED". Same question, same answer. "RHEPORT FOR TRUNDLE". "Um, there is no report for being Trundle, wtf?" Right now I am talking to all civil spectators that shake off their frustration on your teammates who made mistakes your yourself do very often. Darius looses on top against Malphite and goes 0/8/0. Did he feed intentionally? NO FFS. He was **TRYING**, he got** CAMPED**, he got beaten to a **PULP**.** AND** after that he **STILL** kept **TRYING**. He was **THERE** in **TEAMFIGHTS**. Yes, maybe the enemy team won because of him, but it was not his **INTENTION**. That makes your report **FALSE**. Make your brain EAT these CAPSED,**BOLDED** and **KEY** words before you enter your next game. I know there are those that gladly go troll, but its up to you to be mentally stronger than that. A defeat is a defeat, its no shame to fall, its shameful not to get up and quit. Kind regards.
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