player agression

Why is it that people always flame/ tilt / getting salty for others for trying new champs/ stategies those are things you can't do in co-op cuz the bots are not advanced enough to test those things out. blind pick is no fun nor can you limit test in this environment. And when you go in draft everybody starts flaming/tilting as soon as you make a mistake (or they think you make a mistake). i get it that no one likes bad players/ bad plays but how can someone improve or learn something new with a community so toxic. Not only the unknown players, even friends flame as soon as you try something new. I feel this is something started as soon as competitive started to shine. players wanna be the best but don't see that they too needed to learn before getting at the stage where they are now so they instantly flame and blame you for holding them back. The way the meta progresses and the current gameplay only focusses on competitive and high elo games. this problem won't be solved it only encourages the flames even though the bannen/reporting system excist. I hope as a player that this will be something that improves, i miss the early days where there was 1out of 3 games in which someone flames now you are lucky to find 1/5 in which no-one flames. sincerely a concerned player
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