How about a zero tolerance week (or two)?

Hey there! I don't know what's currently happening, but wherever I am ( playing myself, watching streams), to whomever I talk, almost everyone currently has problems with people instantly getting salty and/or insulting people. Two weeks ago it was: "they're all top! get drake", today it's: "MOTHER***** GET THIS STUPID DRAGON!! THEY ARE ALL TOP OMFG!! GO DO SOMETHING". Or while having a good game, a good team and everything is fine, I sleep one time/misunderstand a ping and it's instantly "omfg fu XYXY. reported" (yes, these two examples are very specific, and yes.. I just experienced them, but it's similar to the other rounds) So, what do you guys think of a zero tolerance week or two? A certain announced period where 1-time insulting/flaming people (no matter because of what) or laughin at someone 2-3 times results in chat restrictions, 1-2 more results in a harder punishment and so on. Same ofc goes for feeder and troller. And yes, I know it might be hard to find the difference (with algorithms) between real troller/feeder and ppl having a bad game. So only the most obvious ones can be punished fast. And yes, irony/sarcasm is a problem too. But I think this really might help league of legends and the community to wipe many toxics at once. And it's just a wish, proposal to Riot.
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