I Don't want to be toxic!

Hello Guys!. I'm a Plat 2 Player (was gold last season) I never hit higher than gold 3. because i'm mostly getting perma banned WELL! As a Human. I don't like being toxic to people. I believe everyone has a bad game. Before people point out "blame urself before you blame the others" i know what i'm doing wrong, i figure it all later. and i do blame myself as i blame my team. Regret is what tempers the steel of our soul {{champion:164}} welp sometimes I'm nice.. like 60 games or something no flaming nothing negative then.. i get triggered in a game or two which leads my acc to a ban in the same day we can't control our teammates. how do i control my anger? it's not worth flaming anyone for playing bad because none is good at the game. So Some thoughts from people who were toxic but not aren't toxic anymore? "oh the L9 Thing was just for fun tho don't judge me lol" {{champion:164}} Feigning innocence is so time-consuming
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