What is wrong with ranked?

I've been playing this game for almost 10 years. Ive never seen ranked being destroyed at this level by lazy design/moderation before. The games are not fun anymore, because the amount of trolls, ints and toxic ragequitters are literally killing the game. I just had a 23 match run where either team had atleast 1 troll in in. Unlucky for me, usually my team had them. Most of them had 2. It feels like climbing naturally has become almost impossible, due to matches being all about surviving your own team instead of fighting the enemy team. League is still a great game and obviously Riot cares deeply about the pro scene a lot but Im starting to feel like they dont give a single %%%% about their player base. Match making in ranked seems to work for one purpose only and thats to force 50% winrate. Winstreaks will always end because suddenly your team has a fresh 30lvl unranked off-meta pick that runs the game down for 15 minutes and quits the game when first FF vote doesnt go throught. And this is EVERY time. Even more alarming is that if you win 2 matches in a row, you know for a fact that next match will be a dumbster fire. EVERY. TIME. I just wish the company would do something to tone the shitshow down a bit because its a shame how terrible the matches are now. Its not fair for anyone when 80% of your games are completely destroyed because of bad match making.

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