Refrain from making other people lose games and go do something else.

I have had a very bad experience with the species "Itus Justus a Normalus Gamus". Do you think that matters at all? People are putting effort in normals, some of them because they do not have IP for champions for the required number to go in ranked, or because they still like playing normals. I just had to report a Kayn that admited he was "high", and he pretty much intented fed a Trynda... Please, if you are high, go sleep, go eat chips, go watch TV or bang your head on a wall. I care about winning, I don't mind to be flamed as long as I can recover and do well. We are putting effort and time into a game we're trying to win, there's some types of people in LoL, the casuals who pretty much don't care about the game and just play it because they wanna be with their friends (nothing wrong with that) and people who actually want to play seriously no matter the mode or champions. I would really like to mess up a ranked game of a person who screwed a normal by being high before, I would love it. Also, since this is a rant, but a passive-friendly one in a way, there's a few things I want to ask as a main support, to help everyone win some games, aye? -Don't go into areas that aren't warded chasing for **_ONE_** enemy you've seen when you have no one else to back you up. -Don't force 1v4 even if you're a Yasuo, im not a Taric + Soraka + Lulu + Sona to protect you from everything even if we are 2. -LISTEN, PLEASE LISTEN to the ping "Fall Back" when your HP isn't famous, back to your tower or to the base. -DON'T LOSE YOUR HEAD over a few minions killed by Supports when you are far, or when they're not even the big cannon minion. -DON'T put ? pings when I flash to try and slow the enemy (and sometimes fail) so that your little 4ss can get a goddamn kill. Rant over. Yes, these tips can be crappy, im unranked and Im not ashamed to say it. Prevention never harmed anyone, did it?
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